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                    Product Name: Dongfeng Dana Axle Assembly and Part


                    Application: Truck and Bus                                      

                    Market Type: OE Market for assembly and After market for parts

                    Place of origin: Hubei, China

                    Packing: As you required

                    Seaport: FOB Shanghai/Wuhan

                    Payment terms: T/T D/P                                     

                    Unit Price: By negotiation


                    Production Line (218 lines):

                    Axle Housing Machining Lines

                    Drive Axle Assembly Lines 

                    Drive Head Sub-assembly Lines

                    Front Axle Assembly Lines

                    Components Machining Lines

                    Heat Treatment Lines

                    Housing Press Lines


                    Key Equipments:

                    Machining Center (German) for Low-floor Axle

                    Gleason 600HC,600HTT and Grinder  

                    20000T Press Machine

                    Horizontal Machining Center (165 sets)

                    AichelinPush Type Carbonization Furnace

                    Gear Inspection Center


                    Factory Profile:

                    Dongfeng and Dana 50:50 joint venture company, high quality axles for domestic and international market at reasonable price.

                    We can design and manufacture light, medium and heavy duty axles for trucks and buses. 

                    Our products cover 5 categories, 68 series and 1700 types including driven and non-driven steer axles, single and tandem drive axles and tag axles.

                    The product capacity is the largest in China with an annual capacity of 900,000 axle assemblies and 800,000 gear sets.


                    Axle Products for Bus


                    Axle Products for Truck


                    Vehicles Application for Truck (export):

                    Vehicles Application for Bus (export):

                    You can send the Drawings to us, we can produce the products you need.


                    For more details, please refer to our e-catalogue. Catalogue Download Link.

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