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                    Product Name: OEM Forging Knuckle (More than 150 series)

                    Application: Heavy-duty truck, Bus, Passenger Car, Trailer

                    Place of origin: Hubei, China

                    Certification: OHSAS 18001-2007; ISO14001-2004; ISO/TS 16949-2009

                    Packing: carton, metal pallet, steel pallet or as you required

                    Seaport: FOB Shanghai/Wuhan

                    Payment terms: T/T D/P

                    Unit Price: By negotiation

                    Minimum Order: 10000PCS 


                    We can manufacture the forging knuckles listed below:

                    Dongfeng OEM forging knuckles


                    Production Capacities:

                    (1) Tooling workshop,12 tooling-making production line,surplus capacity approximately 20%


                    Dongfeng forging plants


                    (2)  Forging Workshop, Drop Hammers: 1T/ 2T/3T/5T/10T,Max: 16Tons Electro-Hydraulic Hammer




                            Friction Presses: 1000T/ 2500T/ 4000T,6300T Electronic Screw Press


                    Dongfeng forging


                    (3)Heat Treatment Workshop,Quenching & Tempering Treatment

                              Controllable Atmosphere Mesh Belt Furnace

                              Pusher-type Continuous Quenching & Tempering Furnace

                    (4)Machining Workshop

                              Heller Horizontal machining center; 

                             13 Knuckle Machining Lines



                    Quality Control and Inspection:   

                        Six Sigma Implied

                        Optical emission spectrometer for raw material inspection

                        Auto MPI Line (crack ); IBG Eddy Detection Machine ( hardness ); Infrared Thermometer(Heating Temperature);

                        Metallurgical Microscope (Tensile Strength); Brittleness Temperature Impact Tester (Mechanical Property - Impact)

                        Roughness Tester (Roughness); Profile Meter (Profile)


                    Remark: You can send the Drawings to us, we can produce the products you need.

                                     For more details, please refer to our e-catalogue. Catalogue Download Link.


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